We are your online source of information about anything related to public transportation in the Brno region in the Czech Republic. We build a website in partnership with the public government as a way of educating people, both locals and tourists, about the possible options that they can take when they travel in and out of Brno. If you have any experiences about traveling, like say, you had Amsterdam city trips or tours, your vacation will be easier and quicker when you know what transportation to ride on your way to your next destination.

You can rely on us to give you the best routes to take, the most affordable public transportation methods, and the quickest way to move from one area of Brno to the next. If you are a tourist who wants to maximize your time in the Czech Republic, you need to read and study the contents of the website.

Aside from being an information website, we also go out of our offices and spread awareness of the importance and uniqueness of public transportation in the Brno region. We hold conferences and other activities to reach out to the general public to teach and help them understand what the public transportation is like in Brno.